Eador. Genesis

Eador. Genesis

2013 (10/14/2013)

Genre: Strategy

Eador is a universe made of countless shards of land drifting in the Great Nothing. Each of the shards is a little world unto itself, with geography and citizens of its own. The power over the shards is bitterly contested by Masters, the immortal beings mortals believe to be gods. Take the role of a mighty Master and shape the destiny of Eador, on land and within the astral plane itself. Explore the land and rule provinces as you see fit, defend them, and keep the populace in line or they may re…

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Official site http://snowbirdgames.com/?page_id=118&lang=en
Release date 10/14/2013
Developer Snowbird Games
Genre Strategy
Publisher Snowbird Games


Eador : Genesis est désormais disponible en français - Actualités RPG France

rpgfrance.com 01/06/2018

Bien qu'il s'agisse que de simples légendes ayant pour but d'émerveille

Eador Genesis : Un jeu gratuit sur Gog.com - page 1- GamAlive

gamalive.com 05/12/2017

Alexey Bokulev vient de sortir le jeu Gremlins Inc, un jeu de stratégie avec des aspects de jeux de rôle. Pour fêter ça, le développeur a décidé d'offrir son jeu...



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Eador: Genesis - Download Free Full Games | Strategy games
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steam 90 / 100
gog 88 / 100
Total 89 / 100




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