Earth 2150 Trilogy

Earth 2150 Trilogy

2013 (11/01/2013)

Genre: Strategy

Take the completely 3-dimensional landscape into account while planning your troop movements: you'll need to scale towering mountains, dig out protective bulwarks and create entire tunnel systems. Explosions and detonations can change entire regions in an instant. Earth 2150: The 21st century was supposed to herald the dawn of a new age. The wars, famines and suffering of the last 20 millennia were to become a distant, fading memory, as scientific advances brought global peace and prosperity. Th…

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Release date 11/01/2013
Developer Reality Pump Studios
Genre Strategy


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Earth 2150 Trilogy
Earth 2150 Trilogy
Earth 2150 Trilogy
Earth 2150 Trilogy | FireFlower Games
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