EverQuest expansions

EverQuest expansions

1999 (11/18/2015)

Genre: Multi-joueurs, En ligne, Jeu de rôle

Twenty-three full expansions for the MMORPG EverQuest have been released. Expansions are purchased separately from the original game and each other and provide additional content to the game (for example: raising the maximum character level; adding new races, classes, zones, continents, quests, equipment, and additional game features). Additionally, the game is updated through downloaded patches. Expansions usually cost in the range of US$29.99 to US$39.99 and are shipped in boxes to stores, but…

Credits Release date

Release date 11/18/2015
Developer Sony Online Entertainment
Genre Multi-joueurs, En ligne, Jeu de rôle
Publisher Sony Online Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows


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