Final Fantasy VII (Chinese NES game)

Final Fantasy VII (Chinese NES game)

Genre: Role-playing

Final Fantasy VII (simplified Chinese: 最终幻想7; traditional Chinese: 最終幻想7; pinyin: Zuì Zhōng Huànxiǎng Qī), also called Core Crisis (Chinese: 核心危机; pinyin: Héxīn Wēijī), is a Chinese unofficial, unlicensed "Shanzhai" demake of the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII, originally developed by Square for the PlayStation. The two-dimensional "port" was developed and published by the Chinese company ShenZhen Nanjing Technology for the SUBOR entertainment system, a clone of Nintendo's Family…

Credits Release date

Release date 2005
Developer ShenZhen Nanjing Technology
Genre Role-playing
Publisher ShenZhen Nanjing Technology


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