Folk Tale

Folk Tale

2013 (04/04/2013)

Genre: Sandbox

Folk Tale is a sandbox fantasy city builder strategy video game developed and published by Games Foundry. The game is currently, as of February 2017, still in development, though available through early access. Since then the developers changed the aim of the game as a scripted mission-based game to a sandbox game. The developer posts a monthly blog detailing the progress of the game. On June 27th, 2017, the developers stated that there were internal issues that have significantly reduced the pa…

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Site officiel
Date de sortie 04/04/2013
Développeur Games Foundry
Genre Sandbox
Éditeur Games Foundry
Plateformes Microsoft Windows
Moteur Unity


Folk Tale débarque en vidéo 06/14/2013

Le mélange des genres est une alchimie difficile et on peut espérer que Folk Tale de Games Foundry parviennent à un bon résultat avec son style gestion/ stratégie/...



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