Frisky Tom

Frisky Tom

1981 (10/31/1981)

Genre: Puzzle

Frisky Tom is a 1981 arcade game by Nichibutsu. The object of the game is to provide enough water for a shower by crawling along a network of plumbing pipes and picking up/replacing loose pieces. Various types of mice are the game's antagonists, trying to thwart Tom in different ways: knocking pipes loose to disrupt the water flow, jumping down to fall on him, or setting a bomb to blow up the entire plumbing arrangement. A version for the Atari 5200 was programmed in 1983, but never published. A…

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Release date 10/31/1981
Genre Puzzle


Frisky Tom 12/19/2013

Frisky Tom est un puzzle-game sorti exclusivement au Japon sur Game Boy et prévu pour le Super Game Boy de la Super Nintendo. Il faut percuter les souris bleues pour...



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