1978 (02/01/1978)

Genre: Action

Frogs is a single-player action arcade game developed by Sega-Gremlin in 1978. It is the first video game with a jumping character (predating Donkey Kong by 3 years). The player controls a frog on lilypads and attempts to catch (with the frog's tongue and while jumping) various insects (butterflies and dragonflies) worth different numbers of points in a set amount of time. Frogs is one of the first arcade games to include a static background as part of the arcade cabinet. The game’s graphics are…

Credits Release date

Release date 02/01/1978
Genre Action
Publisher Sega
Platforms Arcade


Interview avec Lionel Davoust, Sound Designer chez Ballistic Frogs 02/02/2016

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The Tyrannical Frogs 03/10/2014

Cette partie de la solution complète de Ys : Memories of Celceta vous dévoile le cheminement de la quête secondaire "The Tyrannical Frogs", disponible à Comodo...



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