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Fu-un Bakumatsu-den

Fu-un Bakumatsu-den

Genre: Action

Fu-un Bakumatsu-den (風雲 幕末伝) is a Japanese PlayStation 2 game made in 2005 by Genki Co. as a follow-up to Fu-un Shinsengumi. In 2009, it was remade for the PlayStation Portable as Fu-un Shinsengumi -Bakumatsu-den- Portable (風雲 新撰組‐幕末伝‐portable) by From Software. As in the previous game, the player takes the role of a member of the Shinsengumi militia force.

Credits Release date

Release date 2005
Developer Genki ,From Software
Genre Action
Publisher Genki,From Software
Platforms PSP,PlayStation 2


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