Furu Furu Park

Furu Furu Park

2007 (04/19/2007)

Genre: Mini-game, s

Furu Furu Park (ふるふるぱーく) (originally known as Furi Furi) is a collection of minigames for the Wii. It was developed and published by Taito and was originally planned for a release in Japan for the Wii launch, but was pushed back to April 19, 2007. The minigames are inspired by classic Taito arcade games. Majesco Entertainment published the title in the US on January 16, 2008. There are 2 single-player modes and 3 multi-player modes. It has 30 minigames to play.

Credits Release date

Release date 04/19/2007
Developer Taito, 505 Games
Genre Mini-game, s
Publisher Taito
Platforms Wii


Yunjin no Furi Furi Girls

supersoluce.com 10/12/2016

Yunjin no Furi Furi Girls est un jeu de plateau dans lequel jusqu'à 4 participants (joueurs ou CPU) s'affrontent en lançant un dé et en avançant de cases en cases.



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