Gary Gadget

Gary Gadget

Genre: Aventure

Gary Gadget (called Mulle Meck in Sweden and Masa Mainio in Finland) is a series of computer games originally published in Sweden by Levande Böcker. The series debuted in 1997. Since then, five games have been published, one of which has been translated into English. There are also translations into other languages. In Germany, four games were published by the company Terzio Verlag. Gary Gadget is called Willy Werkel in German. All five games have been translated into Dutch and published by the …

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Genre Aventure
Publisher Levande Böcker
Platforms Apple Mac


Gary : Ce gadget veut vous faire oublier le démêlage laborieux de nos écouteurs 11/20/2017

À moins d'avoir opté pour une solution Bluetooth, le démêlage des écouteurs est une tâche à laquelle beaucoup d'entre nous sont soumis. Plus longtemps...



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