1991 (02/01/1991)

Genre: Stratégie, Tour par tour

Gemfire (released in Japan as Royal Blood or ロイヤルブラッド Roiyaru Buraddo, Super Royal Blood or スーパーロイヤルブラッド Sūpā Roiyaru Buraddo in its Super Famicom version) is a medieval war game for the MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, FM Towns, Mega Drive/Genesis, MS-DOS, and later Windows, developed by Koei. The object in the game is to unify a fictional island by force. Players use infantry, cavalry, and archers, as well as fantasy units such as magicians, dragons or gargoyles in order to captu…

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Release date 02/01/1991
Developer Koei
Genre Stratégie, Tour par tour
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Super Nes,Nintendo Nes,Microsoft Dos


Gemfire 06/19/2016

Gemfire sur la console de salon Nintendo NES, est un jeu de stratégie dans lequel vous contrôlez une armée dans le but de venir à bout de votre adversaire dans des...



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