Genesis LPMud

Genesis LPMud

Genre: Fantaisie

Genesis LPMud, a multi-player computer game, is the original LPMud founded in April 1989 by Lars Pensjö, now running on CD gamedriver and mudlib, and previously hosted by Chalmers Computer Society, though hosting has since been moved to a dedicated, private server. Medieval fantasy is the general theme. Roleplaying is expected.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 1989
Developer Lars Pensjö, Carl "Fatty" Hallén, Jacob "Tintin" Hallén, Lennart "Marvin" Augustsson, Johan "Commander" Andersson, Anders "Azid" Chrigström, Ronny "Mrpr" Wikh, Stas "Mercade" van der Schaaf, Tony "Banzai" Elmroth, Dave "Cygnus" Richards, Thornsten "Plugh" Lockert, Felix A. "Dworkin" Croes, project community
Genre Fantaisie
Engine LPMud


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Multiplayer game
Genesis: The Original LPMud
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Multiplayer game
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