Golly! Ghost!

Golly! Ghost!

1990 (06/01/1991)

Genre: Première personne, Tir

Golly! Ghost! (ゴーリー! ゴースト!, Gorī! Gōsuto!) is an electro-mechanical/video game hybrid released by Namco in 1990; it runs upon Namco System 2 hardware, and employs a diorama which is controlled by the game's driver board to open and close mechanical doors which are connected to solenoids, much like the moveable items on a pinball table. The diorama has five 24-volt globe lights that come on only during gameplay to light up the rooms - and they are all on when the game is being played during the s…

Credits Release date

Release date 06/01/1991
Developer Namco
Genre Première personne, Tir
Publisher Namco
Platforms Arcade


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