Gus Goes to Cybertown

Gus Goes to Cybertown

Genre: Éducation, Puzzle

Gus Goes to Cybertown is a children's educational CD-ROM game released in 1993 by Modern Media Ventures. The main character is Gus, a talking & singing dog, who must find the three CyberBuds hiding in each of the town's five locations. Games are also hidden in each location, from spelling and number games to shape recognition and pattern matching games. Cybertown's park includes a timeline that shows Gus through time, from a Neanderthal to a futuristic spaceman. As the time changes, players can …

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 1993
Developer Modern Media Ventures
Genre Éducation, Puzzle
Publisher Modern Media Ventures
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Apple Mac
Engine Proprietary


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Gus Goes To Cybertown


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