H-Craft Championship

H-Craft Championship

Genre: Course

H-Craft Championship is a science fiction racing game developed by two people independent game studio Irrgheist located in Tübingen, Germany. The game was built using the free graphics engine Irrlicht for Windows, Linux and Android. In 2007 the game was released in digital distribution internationally by Manifesto Games and in a Russian version released by Akella. In 2014, after a long down time, the developers released the game as freeware. In February 25, 2015 the game was released as open sou…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 2007
Developer Irrgheist
Genre Course
Publisher Manifesto Games,Akella
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Android,Linux
Engine Irrlicht


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H-Craft Championship - Download
H-Craft Championship - Download
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