Hack Run ZERO

Hack Run ZERO

2015 (07/13/2015)

Genre: Adventure, Strategy, Simulation

It's time for a SECOND Hack Run! Test your skills again as you hack your way through strange and secretive organizations to discover their hidden agendas! Hack Run ZERO uses old school prompts like dos and unix to help you navigate from system to system. As you access users' accounts, you'll discover more and more about the organizations and the people that work there.

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Official site http://i273.com
Release date 07/13/2015
Genre Adventure, Strategy, Simulation
Publisher i273 LLC


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gamehope.com 04/05/2018

Nippon Ichi Software fait partie de ces développeurs japonais qui, malgré leurs productions en retard sur leur temps, arrivent à prendre une



Hack Run ZERO
Hack Run ZERO
Hack Run ZERO Free Download « IGGGAMES
Hack Run ZERO Free Download « IGGGAMES
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