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Genre: Tir

Invade-a-Load was a fast loader routine used in software for Commodore 64 computer. It was used in commercial computer games that were stored on Compact Cassette tape and loaded using the Datassette. Invade-a-Load allowed the user to play a small clone of the famous Space Invaders game while the main game was loading. This initial minigame was loaded in under a minute, providing entertainment while waiting for the actual game to load, which could take a further five to ten minutes. On at least o…

Credits Release date

Release date 1987
Developer Richard Aplin
Genre Tir
Platforms Commodore 64


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Commodore-Treffen Graz
Commodore-Treffen Graz
27 March 1987, Friday, What happened on |
Commodore-Treffen Graz
Commodore-Treffen Graz


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