Ironclad Tactics

Ironclad Tactics

2013 (09/18/2013)

Genre: Strategy

Ironclad Tactics is a strategy-based video game created by independent developer Zachtronics Industries. The game takes place in an alternate history at the onset of the American Civil War where robot-like "ironclad" machines are used alongside human troops by both sides in the war. The game incorporates elements of collectible card games, whereby the player constructs a deck of cards earned from previous matches for the deployment, outfitting, and tactics of human and ironclad tropes to achieve…

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Official site
Release date 09/18/2013
Developer Zachtronics Industries
Genre Strategy
Publisher Zachtronics Industries
Platforms Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 4,Android,Linux,Apple OSX


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Ironclad Tactics


Ironclad Tactics
Ironclad Tactics PC, PS4, AND Games Image 2/5, Zachtronics Industries
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Ironclad Tactics PC Game
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