Ironclads: American Civil War

Ironclads: American Civil War

2008 (10/09/2008)

Genre: Historique, Stratégie, Tour par tour

Ironclads: American Civil War is a 3D naval historical turned-based strategy game based on the American Civil War. The player operates a squadron of warships of the United States Navy or the Confederate States Navy: broadside ironclads, ironclad rams, ironclad turret ships, monitors, sloops-of-war, gunboats and screw commerce raiders. The player is tasked with destroying the opponent's ships, coastal batteries and warehouses. A lot of attention went into the details, historical accuracy and conv…

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Official site
Release date 10/09/2008
Developer Totem Games
Genre Historique, Stratégie, Tour par tour
Publisher Totem Games
Platforms Microsoft Windows


Ironclads : American Civil War sur HistoriaGames 01/01/1970

Bataille de cuirassés de la Guerre de Sécession. Prenez part aux batailles du USS Monitor contre le CSS Virginia et aux batailles d'escadres de bateaux à vapeur...



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