JumpStart Kindergarten

JumpStart Kindergarten

Genre: Éducation

JumpStart Kindergarten (known as Jump Ahead Classic Kindergarten in the UK) is an educational personal computer game developed by Fanfare Software and released by Knowledge Adventure on the MS-DOS platform in 1994 (v1.0). It was the first product released in the JumpStart series and, as its name suggests, it is intended to teach kindergarten students. It was ported to the Windows and Macintosh systems in 1995 (v1.2). It was updated with a new version in 1998 (v2.0). In 2000, the game was special…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 2000
Développeur Fanfare Software
Genre Éducation
Éditeur Knowledge Adventure
Plateformes Microsoft Windows,Apple Mac,Microsoft Dos


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