K-Razy Shoot-Out

K-Razy Shoot-Out

1981 (12/31/1981)

Genre: Shoot 'em up

K-Razy Shoot-Out is a clone of the arcade game Berzerk developed by K-Byte, a division of Kay Enterprises, and released for the Atari 8-bit family in 1981. The game was written by Torre Meeder and Dr. Keith Dreyer, and was the first Atari 8-bit cartridge from a third-party developer. An Atari 5200 version followed in 1983. The game is part of a series of titles with the "K-" prefix, including K-Razy Kritters and K-Star Patrol. All of them were published on cartridge. After CBS Software purchased…

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1981
Developer K-Byte
Genre Shoot 'em up
Publisher K-ByteCBS Software


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