Kinetic Void

Kinetic Void

2014 (05/31/2013)

Genre: Action, Combat, Gestion, Simulation

Kinetic Void is a sandbox space trading and combat simulator video game by American developer Badland Studio, which was released on November 21, 2014. The developers claimed that when finished, Kinetic Void would let players take on the role of a space pilot trying to earn a living in the conflict between rival factions in a randomly generated galaxy, but in 2014 Art as Games called it "hollow, unfinished, and now abandoned by the developer" and used it as an example of a Steam Early Access gameā€¦

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Official site
Release date 05/31/2013
Developer Badland Studio
Genre Action, Combat, Gestion, Simulation
Publisher Badland Studio
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Linux,Apple OSX
Engine Unity


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Download Kinetic Void Full PC Game
Download Kinetic Void Full PC Game
Download Kinetic Void Full PC Game
Kinetic Void: Procedural Space Adventure for PC and Mac by ...
Download Kinetic Void Full PC Game



steam 50 / 100
Total 50 / 100



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