King & Balloon

King & Balloon

1980 (12/31/1980)

Genre: Shooter

King & Balloon (キング & バルーン, Kingu & Barūn) is a fixed shooter arcade game which was released by Namco in 1980, and licensed to GamePlan for U.S. manufacture and distribution. It runs upon the Namco Galaxian hardware, based on the Z80 microprocessor, with an extra Zilog Z80 microprocessor to drive a DAC for speech; it was one of the first games to have speech synthesis. The King speaks when he is captured ("HELP!"), when he is rescued ("THANK YOU"), and when he is carried away ("BYE BYE!"). The b…

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Release date 12/31/1980
Developer Namco
Genre Shooter
Publisher Namco,GamePlan
Platforms Arcade


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king boo balloon pop was a favorite my lovely grandma manned this game ...



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