Knight Lore

Knight Lore

1984 (11/01/1984)

Genre: Action, Aventure, Plate-forme

Knight Lore is a 1984 action-adventure game known for popularising isometric graphics in video games. The game was developed and published by Ultimate Play the Game and written by company founders Chris and Tim Stamper. In Knight Lore, the player character Sabreman has forty days to collect objects throughout a castle and brew a cure to his werewolf curse. Each castle room is depicted in monochrome on its own screen and consists of blocks to climb, obstacles to avoid, and puzzles to solve. Ultim…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 11/01/1984
Développeur Ultimate Play the Game
Genre Action, Aventure, Plate-forme
Éditeur Ultimate Play the Game
Plateformes Amstrad CPC
Moteur Filmation


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