Konami Classics

Konami Classics

2009 (01/18/2010)

Genre: Compilation

Konami Classics Vol. 1 and Konami Classics Vol. 2 are retail packages of three Xbox Live Arcade games. The disc works by inserting it into the console just like any other game. However, rather than directly launching any of the titles, it adds three items to the Xbox Live Arcade menu with a small disc icon next to each name.

Credits Release date

Release date 01/18/2010
Developer Konami
Genre Compilation
Publisher Konami
Platforms XBox 360


Hebdo Games : Battlefront 2, Laser Game, GTA Online, Metal Gear Survive

maxoe.com 12/16/2017

Une jolie semaine. On voit émerger une tendance de manière très nette, celle du Game As a Service. Cela se traduit par des mises à jour gratuites, des...



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