Kōryū no Mimi

Kōryū no Mimi

1995 (01/22/1996)

Genre: Action, Beat'em-up

Kōryū no Mimi (黄龍の耳, "Huanglong Ear") lit. "Ear of the Golden Dragon" is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up video game originally released by VAP exclusively in Japan. This video game is based on the anime/manga series of the same title. The storyline is involving, with lots of different allies and villains running around. There are a wide variety of moves and combos that the player can pull off, and he can also get plenty of weapons to wield, and passive-looking objects to throw around. If the player…

Credits Release date

Release date 01/22/1996
Developer VAP
Genre Action, Beat'em-up
Publisher VAP
Platforms Super Nes


Kouryuu no Mimi

supersoluce.com 03/12/2016

Kouryuu no Mimi est un beat'em all jouable uniquement en solo, qui est tiré d'un manga narrant l'histoire de l'héritier d'un ancien pouvoir contenu dans sa boucle...



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