Kosodate Quiz: My Angel

Kosodate Quiz: My Angel

1996 (03/01/1996)

Genre: Cartes, Jeu de rôle, Simulation

Kosodate Quiz: My Angel (子育てクイズマイエンジェル lit. Parenting Quiz: My Angel) is a series of quiz arcade games released by Namco in Japan only. The first game in the series, Kosodate Quiz: My Angel, was released in 1996 and received a port on the PlayStation a year later. The latest release, Uno no Tatsujin: Hirameki Kosodate My Angel, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2006.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 03/01/1996
Developer Namco
Genre Cartes, Jeu de rôle, Simulation
Publisher Namco
Platforms Arcade


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