Labyrinth: The Computer Game

Labyrinth: The Computer Game

1986 (12/31/1986)

Genre: Adventure, Music

Labyrinth: The Computer Game is a 1986 graphic adventure game developed by Lucasfilm Games and published by Activision. Based on the fantasy film Labyrinth, it tasks the player with navigating a maze while solving puzzles and evading dangers. The player's goal is to find and defeat the main antagonist, Jareth, within 13 real-time hours. Unlike other adventure games of the period, Labyrinth does not feature a command-line interface. Instead, the player uses two scrolling "word wheel" menus on the…

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Release date 12/31/1986
Developer Lucasfilm Games
Genre Adventure, Music
Publisher [object Object]
Platforms Commodore 64


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... up on the screen. At that point, the game becomes a graphic adventure
Labyrinth: The Computer Game in-game screen.
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The Jim Henson Company and River Horse are going to do it.



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