Links 2004

Links 2004

2003 (11/11/2003)

Genre: Sport

Links 2004 is a golf simulation computer game by Microsoft for the Xbox. It was part of the XSN Sports, which also included sports games such as Amped, Top Spin, NBA Inside Drive, NFL Fever and Rallisport Challenge. Links 2004 was released November 11, 2003. The game supports from one to four players, system link of 2-4 players, Dolby 5.1 Surround sound, custom soundtracks, HDTV 480p, and Xbox Live Scoreboard and online play. It also featured simultaneous online play - referred to as Stroke "Fas…

Credits Release date

Release date 11/11/2003
Developer Indie Built
Genre Sport
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Platforms XBox


Test Links 2004 sur Xbox 12/23/2016

Retrouvez le test de Links 2004 sur Xbox du 08/12/2003. Tout cela est l'histoire d'une malencontreuse méprise. Lorsque l'on m'annonça que mon prochain test porterait...



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Links 2004 - The Next Level Xbox Game Review
Links 2004 - The Next Level Xbox Game Review


Reviews 80 / 100
Total 80 / 100



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