Magic Jewelry

Magic Jewelry

1990 (12/31/1990)

Genre: Puzzle

Magic Jewelry (Chinese: 魔法寶石; pinyin: Mófǎ Bǎoshí; literally: "Magic Gems"), is an unlicensed Nintendo NES tile-matching puzzle video game derivative to Columns, which was programmed in Taiwan by Hwang Shinwei and published by RCM in 1990.This title is common on pirate Famicom multicarts and systems; for example, it's built into the Dynavision and Power Player Super Joy III but also existed four hacks, called Coin Tetris, Abacus, and Jewel Master dualogy (the second is on N-Joypad, while the las…

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1990
Developer Hwang Shinwei
Genre Puzzle


Live patch du17/07/2018: Haute Couture (+ Blight Delta 303.3 07/18/2018

Les Delta 303 à 303.3 ont été appliquées sur les serveurs réguliers avec leur lot de nouveautés. L'accent est mis cette fois sur les éléments



Magic Jewelry (NES) - online game |
Magic Jewelry (NES) - online game |
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