Magic Sword (video game)

Magic Sword (video game)

Genre: Hack'n'slash, Plate-forme

Magic Sword (Japanese: マジックソード), fully titled as Magic Sword: Heroic Fantasy, is a side-scrolling fantasy arcade game released by Capcom in 1990. The game casts the player as a hero who must fight his way through a mystical tower in order to save the world. The player can use a sword, axe or magic, and can also rescue and recruit potential allies of various character classes, each of which has his or her own special abilities. Three years earlier, Capcom had released the similar Black Tiger in 1…

Credits Release date

Release date 1990
Developer Capcom,Minakuchi Engineering
Genre Hack'n'slash, Plate-forme
Publisher Capcom
Platforms PSP,PlayStation 2,XBox,Arcade


Magic Sword 03/15/2016

Magic Sword est un jeu de plateforme. Vous dirigez un guerrier vu de profil dans un monde d'héroïque-fantaisie et il faut vous frayer un chemin jusqu'en haut d'une...



... msword controls commands n a game manual download game music n a video
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