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Magical Hat

Magical Hat


Magical Hat (まじかるハット, Majikaru Hatto) is an anime series by Studio Pierrot. The 33 episode series aired on Fuji Television (CX) from October 18, 1989, to July 6, 1990.The series stars Hat, the descendant of a hero who fought an evil king and sealed Devildom. Hat falls into Devildom and finds he has to defeat the evil king. The 1990 Mega Drive game Magical Hat's Turbo Flight! Adventure (まじかるハットのぶっとびターボ!大冒険, Majikaru Hatto no Buttobi Tābo! Daibōken) is based on this series. Due to the game's devel…

Credits Release date

Release date 1990
Developer Vic Tokai
Publisher Sega
Platforms Sega Mega Drive


Rencontre avec Teki Latex et Nick Dwyer, papas d'une mixtape explosive entre club et jeu vidéo 03/06/2020

À les regarder se dandiner derrière les platines sur fond de Metroid à la Gaîté Lyrique en 2018, difficile de deviner que ces deux-là se sont



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