1986 (03/18/1986)

Genre: Tir

MagMax (マグマックス, Magumakkusu) is an arcade game which was developed by Nihon Bussan and released in 1985 under its brand Nichibutsu. A horizontal scrolling shooter, players control the title hover ship in an attempt to completely construct the ship into a giant robot and to destroy any enemies attempting to stop it. The three-headed mechanical dragon found as a boss character in the game, known as Babylon, strongly resembles Mecha-King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 03/18/1986
Developer Nihon Bussan, Ocean Software
Genre Tir
Publisher Imagine Software
Platforms Amstrad CPC,Commodore 64


Magmax 12/19/2013

Magmax est un shoot'em up disponible sur NES sorti en 1986 dans lequel vous contrôlez un char futuriste nommé Magmax qui doit lutter contre une invasion extraterrestre.



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