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Maldita Castilla

Maldita Castilla

Genre: Side-scroller

Maldita Castilla (lit. "Maledict Castile"), known in North America and PAL regions as Cursed Castilla, is an arcade action video game developed by Locomalito and released in December 2012. The game is primarily based on myths from Spain and, to a smaller degree, other parts of Europe. Maldita Castilla was developed as a tribute to Ghosts'n Goblins.

Credits Release date

Release date 2012
Developer Locomalito
Genre Side-scroller
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 4,XBox One,Nintendo 3DS,Linux


Maldita Castilla EX ira bondir et trancher sur iOS en octobre 09/28/2019

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Bande-annonce Maldita Castilla EX s'invite sur iOS 09/28/2019

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