Math Blaster!

Math Blaster!

1990 (12/31/1983)

Genre: Éducation

Math Blaster! is a 1983 educational video game, and the first entry in the Math Blaster series within the Blaster Learning System. The game was developed by former educator Jan Davidson. It would be remade and re-released a number of times starting with Math Blaster Plus! and followed by New Math Blaster Plus. A complete makeover over was done for Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot in 1993. The game eventually spawned other Math Blaster games and spin-offs such as Alge Blaster, Reading Bl…

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1983
Developer Davidson & Associates
Genre Éducation
Publisher Davidson & Associates


Math Blaster 1 : In Search of Spot 03/16/2016

Math Blaster : Episode 1 est un jeu éducatif qui a pour ambition de faire travailler les facultés des enfants à utiliser le calcul mental tout en les distrayant.



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