Mendel Palace

Mendel Palace

1989 (07/27/1989)

Genre: Action, Puzzle

Mendel Palace, originally released in Japan as Quinty (Japanese: クインティ, Hepburn: Kuinti), is a 1990 action/puzzle arcade game developed by Game Freak. It was published in Japan by Namco and in North America by Hudson Soft. Mendel Palace was Game Freak's debut title, and the first game designed by Satoshi Tajiri, who later worked on the Pokémon series.

Credits Release date

Release date 07/27/1989
Developer Game Freak
Genre Action, Puzzle
Publisher Hudson Soft


Mendel Palace 07/23/2014

Mendel Palace est un puzzle game qui à vu le jour sur la NES de Nintendo en 1990. Vous incarnez Bun-Bun dans le but de venir en aide à votre petite amie Candy prise au...



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