Metal Waltz

Metal Waltz

2017 (05/02/2017)

Genre: Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, Simulation

Military Strategy + RPG + Collection + Story. This is a story of the war between mankind and the tank monsters. The hope of the human relies on the girls, whose bodies have been rebuilt and combined with armor parts. All the girls are under your command. Lead your army, won the war!

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Release date 05/02/2017
Genre Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, Simulation
Publisher Shanghai JingCai Computer Software Development Co., Ltd


Livre : le comics officiel Silent Hill Tome 1- Rédemption 10/10/2017

On vous l'avait annoncé il y a quelques jours, le nouveau label Mana Books vient de sortir ses premiers livres sur les jeux vidéo. Nous avons eu la



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