2001 (09/27/2001)

Genre: Gestion, Stratégie

Metropolismania (known in Japan as Machi-ing Maker) is a PlayStation 2-only city-building game developed by Indi and published by Media Factory in Japan, Natsume in North America, and Ubisoft in Europe. The object of the game is to interact with NPCs in order to populate various towns. The game was released under a traditional CD-ROM format, uncommon to the PS2. A sequel was announced by Natsume, titled Metropolismania 2 (Machi-ing Maker 2: Zoku Boku no Machi Zukuri in Japan). The title was rele…

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Release date 09/27/2001
Developer Indi
Genre Gestion, Stratégie
Publisher Ubisoft
Platforms PlayStation 2


Metropolismania 04/11/2014

Metropolismania est un jeu de gestion développé et édité par Natsume sur PlayStation 2. Dans ce titre, vous incarnerez le maire d'une ville que vous devrez alors...



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