Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

1993 (06/15/1998)

Genre: Action, Puzzle

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!, known in Japan as Mickey Mouse V: Mahou no Stick (ミッキーマウスV 魔法のステッキ, lit. "Mickey Mouse V: The Magical Stick") and known in Europe as Mickey Mouse V: Zauberstäbe!, is a 1998 puzzle/action game hybrid developed and published by Kemco in Japan on December 22, 1993. It was later published in North America by Nintendo in May 1998 in a version featuring the Super Game Boy support. It is the fifth game in Kemco's Mickey Mouse-based video games on their Crazy Castle series an…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 06/15/1998
Développeur Kemco
Genre Action, Puzzle
Éditeur Kemco Nintendo
Plateformes Nintendo GameBoy


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Mickey Mouse : Magic Wands! (Jeu Game Boy) - Images ...
Mickey Mouse : Magic Wands! (Jeu Game Boy) - Images ...


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