Mitsume ga Tooru

Mitsume ga Tooru

1992 (06/01/1991)

Genre: Action, Plate-forme

Mitsume ga Tooru (三つ目がとおる, Mitsume ga tōru, "The Three-eyed One") is a video game for the Family Computer that was developed by Natsume and published by Tomy. It is based on the manga and anime called The Three-Eyed One. The main character is Hosuke Sharaku. There is also a Mitsume ga Tooru game for the original MSX called Mitsume ga Tooru: The Three-Eyed One Comes Here, which was released by Natsume two years before this one.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 06/01/1991
Développeur Natsume
Genre Action, Plate-forme
Éditeur Tomy
Plateformes Nintendo Nes


Mitsume ga Tooru 12/19/2013

Mitsume ga Tooru est un jeu d'action sorti au Japon sur la console 8 bits de Nintendo. le jeu reprend l'univers manga de The Three-eyes One. Vous contrôlez Hosuke...



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