Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen

Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen

Genre: Aventure

Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (もと子ちゃんのワンダーキッチン, "Little Motoko's Wonder Kitchen") is a 1993 Super Famicom point-and-click video game that features minigames related to cooking. The game was a promotional item with a production run of 10,000 units which were used for a lottery contest. Consumers who mailed in two proof of purchase seals from Ajinomoto mayonnaise received a copy of the game and were entered into the contest, which was run over five months with 2,000 prizes given away monthly.

Credits Release date

Release date 1993
Developer Ajinomoto
Genre Aventure
Publisher Ajinomoto
Platforms Super Nes


Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen 01/06/2017

Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen est un jeu qui a pour but d'apprendre aux enfants à cuisiner des plats très simples, tous accompagnés d'une délicieuse mayonnaise.



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