Genre: Fantaisie

MUD2 is the successor of MUD1, Richard Bartle's pioneering Multi-User Dungeon, Rather than a sequel, it is the result of over 20 years of continuous development, and is still largely based on the game's original code. The worlds very first MUD! The game is nominally a roleplaying game, with a very strict set of rules, character classes and levels. Character progress up a ladder of 11 levels until they reach the traditional MUD goal of wiz (wizard or witch). Characters move between locations, or …

Credits Release date

Release date 1985
Developer Multi-User Entertainment
Genre Fantaisie
Engine MUDDL


Le Project Habitat ressuscité 30 ans après son lancement 06/01/2017

En 1986, Randall Farmer et Chip Morningstar imaginaient le projet Habitat, que l'histoire retiendra comme le premier univers virtuel graphie (en 2D). Trente ans plus...



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You can download and play Mudlarks on the game’s official website.
Salvadore's Mud2 Site - Reverence's Tragic Tale
Adventure' downloads
ETS2 Mod SCANIA MEGALINER ROADTRAIN Download (1.18-1.19) - YouTube


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