Genre: Fantaisie

MUD2 is the successor of MUD1, Richard Bartle's pioneering Multi-User Dungeon. Rather than a sequel, it is the result of over 20 years of continuous development, and is still largely based on the game's original code. The game is nominally a roleplaying game, with a very strict set of rules, character classes and levels. Character progress up a ladder of 11 levels until they reach the traditional MUD goal of wiz (wizard or witch). Characters move between locations, or game rooms, using compass d…

Credits Release date

Release date 1985
Developer Multi-User Entertainment
Genre Fantaisie
Engine MUDDL


L'évolution des MMOs, l'empreinte que laissent les joueurs 10/23/2017

On a que trop d'occasions de s'interroger sur la façon dont les MMOs sont conçus. Il est relativement facile, à la vue des mécaniques qu'on y



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