Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2

2016 (10/13/2016)

Genre: Temps réel, Stratégie

Mushroom Wars 2 is a real-time strategy video game, developed and published by Zillion Whales. It is the sequel to Mushroom Wars, and was released on iOS and tvOS on October 13, 2016. Versions for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Android are expected to follow soon. The game is set in a fictional woodland world, where armies of mushrooms face off in dynamic real-time strategy battles. The player picks one of the heroes, characters with unique abilities, to lead the mushroom armies and commands…

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Official site
Release date 10/13/2016
Developer Zillion Whales
Genre Temps réel, Stratégie
Publisher Zillion Whales
Platforms PlayStation 4,XBox One,Android,Apple IOS
Engine Unity


Mushroom Wars 2 affiche le logo Nintendo Switch 11/21/2017

Aucune annonce officielle n'a encore été faite pour la sortie de Mushroom Wars 2 sur Nintendo Switch et pourtant un tout petit détail sur le site web officiel du jeu...

Mushroom Wars 2 : Chevalier Champi ! - page 1- GamAlive 07/05/2017

Mushroom Wars 2 est un jeu de stratégie dans lequel vous dirigez une armée de champignons. Vous avez les Shrooms courageux, les aliens Proteus, les Shii'Moris de...



Mushroom Wars 2
Mushroom Wars 2


Mushroom Wars 2
Mushroom Wars 2
Mushroom Wars 2
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steam 70 / 100
Total 70 / 100






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