Mutant Storm Reloaded

Mutant Storm Reloaded

2005 (02/03/2012)

Genre: Tir

Mutant Storm Reloaded is a multi-directional shoot 'em up developed by PomPom Games. Mutant Storm Reloaded debuted as a launch title on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service with updated graphics, sound, and gameplay over its PC and Xbox predecessor, Mutant Storm. The game's core is very much that of a classic arcade shooter, although its artistic design, colorful and reminiscent of cel-shading or microscopic medical imaging, has been called "psychedelic" and "an eye-frying Minter-esque slice …

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Official site
Release date 02/03/2012
Developer PomPom Games
Genre Tir
Publisher Microsoft


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Mutant Storm Reloaded


Mutant Storm Reloaded
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steam 60 / 100
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