Myst IV: Revelation

Myst IV: Revelation

2004 (09/28/2004)

Genre: Adventure

Myst IV: Revelation is the fourth installment in the Myst video game series, developed and published by Ubisoft. Revelation was the first game in the series released on a DVD-ROM format; a multiple CD-ROM version was not produced as it would have taken twelve compact discs to fit the data. Like Myst III: Exile, Revelation combines pre-rendered graphics with digital video, but also features real-time 3D effects for added realism. The plot of Revelation ties up loose ends from the original Myst. T…

Credits Release date

Release date 09/28/2004
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Genre Adventure
Publisher [object Object]
Platforms Microsoft Windows,XBox
Engine ALIVE engine


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Myst IV: Revelation


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