Nocturnal Illusion

Nocturnal Illusion

Genre: Aventure, Fantaisie, Enquêtes, Musique

Nocturnal Illusion (夢幻夜想曲, Mugen Yasoukyoku, lit. Illusionary Nocturne) is a Japanese bishōjo eroge, developed by Excellents Japan. It was translated into English and released in the United States in 1997. After the original localization company, RCY Brothers, went out of business, JAST USA acquired the rights to re-release the game. In 1998, a 2-CD revised version of the game with better graphics and audio, including voice acting for character dialogue, was released in Japan, by Apricot.

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Release date 1995
Developer Apricot
Genre Aventure, Fantaisie, Enquêtes, Musique
Platforms Microsoft Windows


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Nocturnal Illusion download PC
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