Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

2014 (07/14/2014)

Genre: Adventure

You carved your soul to shreds in servitude to a dark god, but false promises and betrayal were your only reward. Now you have a score to settle and it will be measured in blood! Experience the madness in one carnage-soaked package! All the gore, all the unholy war! Zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds and blood-crazed hordes of horrors await! Crush loathsome evil of the mighty Tchernobog! Or condemn yourself to eternal damnation in this leviathan of unhallowed gaming action!

Credits Release date

Release date 07/14/2014
Genre Adventure
Publisher Atari


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gog 94 / 100
steam 90 / 100
Total 92 / 100



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