Onita Atsushi FMW

Onita Atsushi FMW

1993 (09/06/1993)

Genre: Sport

Onita Atsushi FMW (大仁田厚 FMW) is a wrestling video game for Super Famicom. It was released on August 6, 1993 to an exclusively Japanese audience with an endorsement by Japanese professional wrestler and former Japanese politician Atsushi Onita. Player have to fight their way through a fictionalised version of the Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling organization; the wrestling promotion Onita owned, booked and was the star of throughout the nineties, portrayed in this game to be more of a tournament o…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 09/06/1993
Developer Marionette
Genre Sport
Publisher Pony Canyon
Platforms Super Nes


Onita Atsushi : FMW

supersoluce.com 01/24/2017

Onita Atsushi : FMW est un jeu de combat. Vous pouvez frapper avec le poing et le pied, et il est possible de se saisir au contact pour placer quelques prises de catch.



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