Pachi-Slot Adventure

Pachi-Slot Adventure

1991 (06/13/1994)

Genre: Parlor-style gambling

Pachi-Slot Adventure (パチスロアドベンチャー, Pachisuro Adobencha) is a series of video games released for the Family Computer. The video game Tokyo Pachi-Slot Adventure is an adventure that combines the entertainment value of pachinko and slot machines; and is followed by two sequels called Pachi-Slot Adventure 2 and Pachi-Slot Adventure 3. Developed by the same company who made American Dream (not to be confused with the unlicensed video game company Color Dreams), this game features the player starting …

Credits Release date

Release date 06/13/1994
Developer C-Dream
Genre Parlor-style gambling
Publisher Coconuts Japan


Pachi-Slot Adventure 3 04/16/2014

Pachi-Slot Adventure 3 est le troisième est dernier volet de la série des jeux de casino à voir le jour sur la NES. Toujours dans le même but d'empocher un maximum...



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