Personal Nightmare

Personal Nightmare

1989 (12/31/1989)

Genre: Aventure, Horreur, Survie

There's something very strange going on. It's as if you are living through your worst nightmare and unable to wake up. Won't anyone let you in on the terrible secret that haunts your walking moments. Why has Jimmy Blandford taken to drinking - has he experienced the powerful forces of darkness? Why has your father, the dutiful local Vicar, neglected his parish without any apparent reason? Why did your mother invite you to stay for the weekend, then disappear without a word? What unspeakable horr…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/31/1989
Developer Horror Soft
Genre Aventure, Horreur, Survie
Publisher Horror Soft
Platforms Atari ST,Amiga,Apple Mac,Microsoft Dos


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